This page presents a sampling of online applications I've managed.
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Dell, Inc.- Consumer Technical Support

Guided Path Interface
Dell's "Guided Path" interface is an approach to customer self-service that incorporates the empathy and triage skills of live agents. Guided Path is currently available in the UK and Ireland.

Dell Vista Portal
The Dell Windows Vista Center represents a portal-based approach to tech support issues. For known issues that occur across all product lines (desktop, laptop, etc.) we found through usability tests that customers could quickly find the correct content when it was grouped together by function. This approach is also used in Dell's Windows XP Support Center, and Dell's Wireless Support Page.

Elderado Technologies, LLC - Helping Seniors Use Computers and the Internet

Elderado Interface
Elderado's simplified interface focuses on the four functions seniors want most when they are newly introduced to computers: 1) e-mail; 2) pictures; 3) web sites; and 4) games.

Dell Vista Portal
The Elderado Web Site.

Concert for Kosovo

Digi-Block, LLC - See the Math