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What Bug Is This? - Part 3

Posted in Science and Bugs by OJWay on October 27th, 2009 permalink

This bug I actually know. It’s the American Snout Butterfly, and last week they were all over town!

According to the  Austin American-Statesman, the drought we had all summer, followed by the heavy rains in October set up the conditions for this to happen.  

The rain knocks out parasites that feed on the butterflies, and the spiny hackberry plant, which nourishes the butterflies, becomes abundant. When the butterflies exhaust the food supply in an area, they move on.

On Saturday they were everywhere I drove. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Saturday night I discovered one of the butterflies had made its way into my garage, so I took this picture.



Bus Stations

Posted in Architecture by OJWay on October 14th, 2009 permalink

There’s a lot to like about the City of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Blues lovers will tell you all about that. But my first trip into town was at night. And right in the middle of downtown was this gorgeous Greyhound Bus Station!

The next day we were in Greenwood, just a ways down Highway 49, smack in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Guess what we saw there? A primo art deco masterpiece!

I figured there must be something going on. So I went in and ended up speaking with Lise Foy, Executive Director of an organization called Main Street Greenwood. It turns out these aren’t active Greyhound stations. Greyhound service no longer runs in that part of the Delta. But Main Street Greenwood is dedicated to rehabilitating historic downtown Greenwood. They renovated the old bus station for their offices, paying close attention to historical detail. Importantly, they’ve kept the original floorplan of two segregated waiting rooms. And it looks just as good as it did in the 1930’s.

Historic Photo of Greenwood, MS Greyhound Station in 1930’s courtesy of Main Street Greenwood.

Here is a site dedicated to classic Greyhound stations throughout North America, and their Mississippi bus stations in particular.