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I’m Gonna DJ at the End of the World!

Posted in Music by OJWay on March 24th, 2008 permalink

I didn’t get to see many shows this year, but maybe next year I’ll achieve my fondest desire of taking a week off and getting a wristband. And ponying up for babysitters.

The anointed artist this year was Vampire Weekend. Those of you who’ve already been hearing this band for weeks can just skip on past this part, but for all of my friends over the age of 35 here is some pure pop for now people!

Vampire Weekend: A-Punk


Pretty catchy, huh? Not as substantial as the toast of last year’s SXSW, Amy Winehouse, but a lot better than the Arctic Monkeys. I know you are all wondering, “But are they better than Haircut 100?” I think yes, but only time will tell.

REM is back, and they were getting a lot of press too. They’ve got a new album out with a track called “I’m Gonna DJ”. This is a song I can get behind!

“Death is pretty final. I’m collecting vinyl. I’m gonna DJ at the end of the World!”

REM: I’m Gonna DJ

Well, that’s all for now. If any of you readers caught any great shows, please comment. (No spammers please!)