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Making Myself a Better Blogger

Posted in Uncategorized by OJWay on February 14th, 2010 permalink

I am a bit of perfectionist, and I usually won’t invest time in a blog post until I really really know I want to write it. Then I spend way more time than I thought I would. I take editing a lot more seriously since I realized my wife, Shana Burg’s income can potentially benefit from it. So thanks to Chris Clarke’s super-duper blog, Coyote Crossing, I now have a template on how to do it right - How to Write an Incendiary Blog Post.

This sentence contains a provocative statement that attracts the readers’ attention, but really only has very little to do with the topic of the blog post. This sentence claims to follow logically from the first sentence, though the connection is actually rather tenuous. This sentence claims that very few people are willing to admit the obvious inference of the last two sentences, with an implication that the reader is not one of those very few people.  .  .  .  .

I’m going to try it out in earnest, once I find a topic I really really want to write about. Keep your eyes open!

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